Twisted Perversions

I created Twisted Perversions for those who have the "mental illness" known as Sexual Sadism. You may or may not even realize you have it, but if you find that you gets turned on watching horror movies where some hot slut gets stabbed to death, beheaded or fucked up before dying you may very well be a sexual sadist. On the internet you can find videos of just about any type of perversion and fetish known to man and I find and bring those all to you in this blog.

I also find Misogynists interesting and their hatred of women arousing even though I think their hatred is misdirected in just killing a few sluts then committing suicide. From what I've read, there is a growing number of young men who have gone on a killing spree killing a bunch of women, then turn the gun on themselves to end their lives as well. I feel this is a waste of a male life. These men should become sexual sadists and turn your hatred of women into something more sexually gratifying and much more enjoyable.

A misogynist will go out and shoot a bitch or group of them, then kill himself. A sexual sadist will rape, degrade and torture the bitch until she dies, usually coming after hours or even days of abuse. He will then go on the hunt for another slut to get off on fucking up because the bitch died and it was time to grab another one. You tell me... which lifestyle would you prefer to get back at the bitches you hate so much??? Kill some cunts and then die, or get some extreme sexual pleasure out of fucking a bitch to death then use another one to support your sadist cravings? This blog has a section of posts for women haters and their desire to destroy cunt.

Because the posts are all extremely kinky and sexual, the blog is only accessible by invitation code. If you would like to register for the blog, the codes are all listed on my website, The Sadist Cult along with a more detailed description of what you can expect. The discussions are all uncensored and comments are always appreciated, it might be what you are looking for as far as extreme perversion and kink is involved.

Having said that, you must be 18 years old or older to view the sexually explicit material. I will also remove any members that don't share their thoughts by posting comments. If I'm going to share my twisted thoughts with you, it would only be fair if you could share your comments. If you don't, I have no way of knowing if you are still around or not, or if you are even interested in any of the posts.


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