Are you a Sexual Sadist?


Sexual Sadism refers to the derivation of sexual pleasure from the infliction of pain, suffering and/or humiliation upon another person. For me this is any bitch I can drag off. The pain and suffering of the victim, which may be both physical and psychological, is pivotal to the sexual arousal and pleasure. Because Sexual Sadism is considered a mental disorder, it allows the attacker to claim mental illness if arrested allowing the attack to be much more perverted and violent with murder becoming part of the sex act on the victim.

Types of Sexual Sadism:
Krafft-Ebing (1886/1965) sub-classified sexual sadism into several categories including:

  • Lust-murder. Here he included cases in which there was a connection between sexual arousal and killing which may extend to cannibalism (eating body parts of the victim). Among examples include “Jack the Ripper” and more recently Matthew Williams who was caught chewing on his 22 year old victim’s eyeball after eating her face… WHILE SHE WAS STILL ALIVE!
  • Mutilation of corpses or necrophilia (fucking a victim after killing them)
  • Injury to females (stabbing, flagellation etc.,) to increase arousal during the rape act
  • Defilement of women (urinating on them, defecating on them or vomiting on them)
  • Other kinds of assaults on women – symbolic sadism in which, for example, the perpetrator cuts the hair of his victim rather than harming them directly
  • Ideal sadism or sadistic fantasies alone without acts
  • Sadism with other objects, for example, whipping of boys
  • Sadistic acts with animals


One particularly interesting study on multiple sexual perversion found that, on average, perversions with one diagnosis have two or three others as well, often not initially admitted or recognized. This study guaranteed the confidentiality of the participants and thus feedback could be considered quite accurate.

    46% of Sexual Sadists have engaged in rape
    33% of Sexual Sadists have engaged in pedophilia (fucking young children).
    25% of Sexual Sadists have engaged in voyeurism
    25% of Sexual Sadists have engaged in non penetrative sex fucking a woman’s body parts (legs, arms, tits, back, etc…)
    21% of Sexual Sadists are exhibitionists
    18% of Sexual Sadists were also masochistic

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  34 Responses to “Are you a Sexual Sadist?”

  1. Hi, I’m ready to kill and baking

  2. This looks interesting. Would like to join
    Love the taste and texture of girl-flesh
    I have stuff to share too

  3. Thank you for posting this!

  4. I’m always ready for raping and humiliating a woman.

  5. i have a deep interest in this topic and would like to join but I lack an invitation code. I would appreciate being given entre to thesite

  6. i love this, i’ve always wanted to be a dolcett girl for real.

    • I’m always on the prowl for bitches into being used as worthless fuck dolls. I start them off with a lot of degradation and fucking, then on to gang rape and torture, then up to the more extreme like strangulation while being raped and necrorape with deathplay. Of course for the right girl, any hardcore wish she has would be granted.

      • I’m a female submissive looking to connect with a more hardcore sadist. I can’t log on to either of your sites. If you could email me. camilawoo95 @ gmail. Thank you.

  7. This is what I have looking for for so damn long!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nothing sweeter than listening to the sound of bitches screaming as they get raped and viciously tortured to death

  9. Very nice. Keep up the good work. Bitches should serve men or be served for dinner.

  10. Hi, I go by Alli and I believe I have a odd mix of tg fantasies, involving the death and rape of innocent girls I want. I was looking for role play partners or a invitation code. Like the site.

    • There are no invitation codes for the blog. All you need to do to see the posts is go to the logon page and register.

  11. Howdy Snufflord, hope alls well… nice n evil 🙂

    Gwen Stefani is still my thing, along with her good friend shirley manson… what i wouldn’t do to those two. an many others!

  12. I have been so berlidewed in the past but now it all makes sense!

  13. Hi, I’m a female and I feel a real need in… a complex of different sadistic acts) I want to torture androgynous-like and anorexic-like male or female, to eat him/her alive, to hear the screams and to feel his/her body convulsions with my own body. I also want to rape a female corpse, to rip off his skin by my hands and to bite, to tear the flesh, to taste all the cuts. I like female children squirming in agony, crying and screaming and don’t like big tits at all. Actually, I often don’t like a direct link to the genitals (there are some excludes), I find any knife holes far more arousal. I’d love to fuck entirely skinned corpse, to dissolve myself inside blood and flesh and to drink blood from the carotid artery of still living agonising person. As a more softcore thing, I’d love to cook someone and enjoy the taste of his personality with a taste of some delicious dish.

    Nice to meet you :]

    • I LOVE a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to talk about it. I’ve met a few males who want to be skinned and eaten but it really doesn’t appeal to me to eat men. If you like, I can always send them your way for your sexual, sadistic and dining pleasure. Eating your victim alive is very erotic, making it last as long as possible… heavenly! I too love the idea of drinking the blood out of a victim as it sprays from their throat or fucking a nice deep knife wound. One of my biggest passions is skull fucking my victim alive. Watching her arms and legs thrash and spasm as I force my hard cock into her eye and slow fuck her brain until she dies. If she survives… all the better.

      • You’re nice :3
        It’s surprising but your sweet fantasy about skull fucking is one of my favourites, too. I’ve even described it in The Sadist Cult under the same nickname, but in this fantasy I cut girl’s limbs off. But I love limbs spasming in electro fantasies. The way some strong people scream and trash, that rare and invaluable kind of agony that ends with as much invaluable cracked pleads and begs… this is indescribable)

        And what you meant with this?
        >If you like, I can always send them your way for your sexual, sadistic and dining pleasure.

        My English is not so strong. Is it a conversation suggestion or a link to possible victims?) Could you rephrase this, please?

        • I sometimes get emails from males wanting me to torture and eat them. I don’t really get turned on doing males (I love torturing females) so I can always forward their emails to someone who would want to torture and eat them.

  14. I have been looking for this sort of thing for a long time! Not sure if I’m more of a sadist or a masochist, but I’d love to be cornered in an alleyway or someplace secluded and forcibly shoved against a wall while I’m being strangled, then forced to the ground, my clothes ripped off, and be forcibly fucked while he slaps me in the face, but I’d also like to use a beta male as my sex toy and violate him with random objects and maybe even cut off his dick and use it as a sex toy while he sucks on my breasts. I’ve never been satisfied with normal sex and know it will take more for me to be but none of my ex’s ever were the type. I’d love be able to role play with people though, I have a lot of weird ass fantasies that I’d like to play out.

    • I love to hear more. I’ve always been on the kinky and sadistic side myself. I want to try and accomplish all my sick fantasies and skull fucking a hot bitch corpse would be at the top of the list. I’m guessing a job working in a funeral parlor would make that a possibility and I have looked into the schooling. I can only imagine all the fun I could have fucking the shit out of (and torturing) hot dead cunts. You’ll have to email me some time with some of your sickest fantasies that you feel would be too hard to share with others. I know they’ll make me very horny… they always do.

      • Just noticed you wrote back, haven’t checked in a while since no one was on the site when I was lol. I actually have a kink for watching people fuck dead bodies, the ‘snuff’ videos and necro videos I find on normal porn sites don’t do much for me since I know they’re fake, I’d love to watch someone torture and fuck a dead body. Also what’s your email address? I wouldn’t mind talking more about this.

  15. How can I contact you for a chat

  16. If you are into seriously hardcore sex and perversions including anything and everything I have a chatroom at the sadist cult that’s open to all. There is no link in the sadist cult website yet, but I will be adding it in the near future. It’s open to anyone who wants share their dirty thoughts or those who love to read them. It will never be censored and you can talk about anyone you like although celebrities are more known by others.

    In addition to chatting, it’s open to all who want to simply stop by because they’re horny and want to post something really twisted just because it makes you extra horny just before you cum. I’m working on a schedule for people, but can start a chat on the weekends at a certain time if you like. Just randomly signing on and finding another person to chat with unless it can be scheduled and others can plan on checking in to chat.

    Here is the link to the chatroom as it is now.

  17. Fixed the issue. Register doesnt work if i use the site link on

    Had to manually do register on google

  18. Hi… I’m very into the idea of being raped and tortured until I lose my mind, and then possibly being murdered… I don’t really get to talk about it since I’m a young person and nobody takes me seriously.

  19. If you want to email me I’ll tell you… I’m just kinda shy about it…

  20. Why dead

  21. Looking for a Young girl/ woman for a brutal rape and snuffslut victim

    You are nothing to me. Entertainment, rapemeat, a snuffslut.
    I will slap you, beat you, whip you and hurt you.

    I will rape all of your holes. I cum in you and on your body and face. I will choke you unconsious severall times while I rape you. I use my belt, rope and plastic bag to do so. I want to enjoy your beautifull tears and hear you cry and beg. You are most beautiful when tears and my cum have spread your makeup all over your face and make you look like a cheap slutty whore.

    I will lower you slowly on extremely long and thick dildo. I will tie your hands and legs so you can’t stop me lowering you. Your bodyweight and my help will sink that dildo in you. Even If it doesent fit easily.

    Finally it’s time to kill you. My favourite ways are strangulation, bagging, drowning and hanging. But If I’m on a more violent mood I can kill you more brutal ways. I will rape you while you die so last thing you feel is a brutal rape and I feel your dying trahing jerking and convulsing body around my cock.

    After you are dead, I will pose your body different sexy poses and take some pictures of it. If it turns me on , I can rape your dead body once More.

    Ofcourse I will videotape the whole thing and keep your panties as a trophy so I can watch the tapes and fap with a dead girl’s panties whenever I want

    If you want to chat about this you can reach me easily through Kik chat of wicr chat
    Kik: Odeck
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